Riga Freediving Cup 2011 AIDA -  competition results             на русском

Dear friends! Now, the competition is over, and we wish to thank one and all the participants, those who supported them, and those who could visit Riga disregarding those days low temperatures (about thirty below zero sounds as a record  here!), also those who wanted to come but couldn't do it for some reasons. 
This is the second time the freediving competition gathers best divers in Riga, now there were 35 athletes to compete, and it is pleasant to note that girls are  participating more and more actively.  The complete list of participated athletes  and their best results prior to the competition date see here

Firs day results:


Second day results:

Total results:


As everybody knows, the winner is not necessarily the strongest one but that's who most far-sighted and self-assured enough not to overleap himself. In a tough struggle for victory with  the Sweedish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian diving team members,  with the Estonian guy (who wasn't afraid to travel and compete alone!) top total score gainer apeared to be Yury Shmatko (Russia).
STA 6:38
DNF 129 m
DYN 165 m

Yury Shmatko

The best one in the overall ranking for girls is Irina Karina (Russia)
STA 4:55
DNF 101 m
DYN 132 m

Irina Karina

The results of individual ranking in each discipline are as follows:
STA   Ulf Dextegen (SWE) 7:31
DNF  Alexey Potapenko (LAT) 137 m
DYN  Martin Wikstrom (SWE) 181 m

Ulf Dextegen

STA  Yulia Maryevich (LAT) 5:16
DNF  Zharkova Natalis (UKR) 105 m
DYN  Zilyakova Elena (RUS 149 m

In team ranking the Latvian team of Free-diving.lv - Yulia Maryevich, Alexey Potapenko and Sergey Hruschev won by a head, and this is a pleasant surprise for us considering the 10 strongest teams to conteste in general, also the fact that the Sweedish guys are able to dive beyond 200 m, and Ulf's statics is over 9 min. They came with a firm intention to get best of it, but sorry, next time. The points for each team were scored from individual results of  men an women team members, without any coefficient.

There were 3 national records broken:
Yulia Maryevich NR Latvia STA 5:16
Natalia Zharkova NR Ukraina - DNF 105 m.
Alexey Potapenko 3 NR Latvia STA 5:39, DNF 137 m и DYN 157 m
Zilinskas Gytis NR Lithuania DNF - 114 m, after prior year competition blackout decided not to push his limits.

A very special thanks to the judges: Nastja Dzjazina (RUS), Peter Boivie (SWE), to the secretaries and coordinators Ksenija, Boris and Andrey, our safety Guntars, Sergey, Sergey II and Alexander, photographers and cameramen: Vadim Straume and Maxim Zhiljakov, cameramens Oksana and Eugeny, to the doctor, for which even after her 17 year work experience for ambulance our go blue lips and turn purple heads appeared to be shockingly surprise, "Why are they doing that?" one might read a uncomprehension in her eyes, and of course, enormous thanks to our general sponsor LEADERFINS and StPetersburg LeaderFins Team: Leonid Kleshnin, Michail Mednik and Eugeny Sichev.

We would like to pass on thanks to all the volunteers that helped make the event a success.

Russian girls:
Safety team:

Liena Klementjeva, fourth Free-diving.lv member.

Yulia Maryevich:

Video and photos will be avaliable later on www.free-diding.lv and free-diving.lv group FB.

Riga Freediving Cup 2010 results: